Health and Safety Consultancy Services

With over 25 years of experience in health and safety, we help keep your staff safe and company protected.

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With over 25 years of experience in health and safety, we help keep your staff safe and company protected.

We offer you the comfort in knowing that your Health and Safety is managed and consolidated, with our accomplished consultants. Employers have a duty of care to ensure their staff go home without injury or ill health.

Our service is based on real people delivering a hands-on service at your premises. And because your Health & Safety Consultant gets to know about the way you operate and your strengths and weaknesses, it means we have the confidence to perform the role of your legally required Competent Person.

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    elecnor health and safety testimonial

    Lorenzo Lajarin


    PMAN Consultancy has been collaborating with Elecnor since 2016 in the Achilles Audit process, like UVDB Audit B2 and RISQS.

    We’ve found the services as a whole; extremely valuable and your support with our external Achilles audits ensured they went smoothly.

    Services we offer:

    PMAN is one of England’s leading providers of fixed fee competent Health & Safety services.

    • Health and Safety COVID-19 support
    • Health and Safety assessment
    • Health and Safety training
    • Health and Safety managing
    • Health and Safety compliance
    • Health and Safety advice
    • Health and Safety outsourcing

    We help you safeguard:

    • Your policy, procedures and systems conform 100%
    • Directors fulfilling their legal obligations to keep people safe
    • You will always up to date with changes in the law
    • You will be in complete control of your priority risk

    Examples of Sectors we Cover

    Sectors we cover Health and Safety Landing 1

    Civil Engineering

    Sectors we cover Health and Safety Landing 2


    Sectors we cover Health and Safety Landing 3

    Doctors surgeries
    Care Homes

    Would you benefit from a free review of your health and safety policy statement? Simply fill out our contact form or call us on 0333 444 0643 to arrange this.

    Why outsource to PMAN Consulting?

    You have a legal responsibility to protect the Health & Safety of your employees and everyone affected by your organisation’s activities. It also makes sound commercial sense to do so.

    As a responsible employer, you will already have measures in place. However, with PMAN support, we make the business of Health & Safety compliance much easier and more effective.

    We can also share with you the experience of working with leading employers across the UK to support the wellbeing of your entire operation – implementing safe, commercially viable, efficient systems.


    Maureen Richardson

    Regional Director, Operations

    I have known the Managing Director  for over 12 years where we worked together in a care organisation focussing on clients with learning disability, brain injury and high level risk management needs. There was a notable Person Centred focus on the way risk assessment and management plans were designed and delivered on. In terms of cost I would say that there is definitely value for money in what is offered. They are a very high quality, cost effective organisation that I use regularly for my health and safety needs in the workplace and have no hesitation in recommending PMAN Consulting to you.

    We help you safeguard:

    • Your buildings are COVID secure
    • Your policy, procedures and systems, ensuring 100% compliance
    • Your directors fulfilling their legal obligations to keep people safe
    • Ongoing compliance, by keeping you up to date with changes in the law
    • Risks, by having complete control of your priority risks

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    Request your FREE Health & Safety Policy Review

      Ask us about a free review of your health and safety policy statement – call 0333 444 0643 or complete the form above and we will be in touch.