Health and Social Care Consultancy

Our specialist social care consultancy service has a strong track record of supporting both central and local government as well as health services.

Health and social care consultants play a vital role in our community – 0333 444 0643

PMAN provides high standards of training and support for your care staff – ensuring enhanced safety for the clients in your care.

We have a highly experienced team within PMAN, with the two directors having over 50 years of experience with strategic and practical delivery.

For each of our core offers we have tailored skills and experience which enable us to achieve our commitment to delivering highly effective, timely and outcome-focused solutions.

One of the Directors has over 20 years’ experience in paediatric handling and has specialised in working with young people and children with physical, medical and complex needs.

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    Maureen Richardson

    Regional Director, Operations

    I have known the Managing Director  for over 12 years where we worked together in a care organisation focussing on clients with learning disability, brain injury and high level risk management needs. There was a notable Person Centred focus on the way risk assessment and management plans were designed and delivered on. In terms of cost I would say that there is definitely value for money in what is offered. They are a very high quality, cost effective organisation that I use regularly for my health and safety needs in the workplace and have no hesitation in recommending PMAN Consulting to you.

    Discover how the PMAN route provides training and high standards for your social care staff and services:

    Safeguarding training:
    Do you feel confident in identifying the signs and indicators of child abuse and neglect, responding to them and reporting your concerns?
    PMANS Child protection introductory training, will help give you the knowledge and skills to recognise, report and record concerns to protect the children and young people you work with.

    People handling training accredited to IOSH:
    The course is specifically designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to deliver manual handling training to their own staff and is therefore ideal for those wishing to deliver a high standard of Manual Handling training to others. With this course, you get a free risk assessment and handling plan support, with one free annual review.

    Quality assurance including case file audits:
    The purpose of quality assurance processes is to improve practice and the quality of the service you provide, with the intention of improving outcomes for children and young people through a process of continuous learning.

    Service reviews, including mock inspections:
    Every regulated service wants to receive the best possible rating when the inspector calls. A regulation inspection is a significant part of the way in which regulators monitor a service. It is a snapshot of the service and time for your service to shine.

    There are so many factors that can influence an inspection on the day. Your manager will have a lot to think about, especially in a busy service. It can feel overwhelming, which is why many care providers chose to get prepared – with a full mock inspection.

    High level health and safety audits:
    All management systems, including health and safety management, require regular auditing.  It provides an impartial assessment of the validity and reliability of the control systems.  It also ensures that employers are provided with information on implementation and effectiveness of plans, procedures and performance standards – At PMAN we can provide you with an effective health and safety audits so you can evaluate your performance against measurable indicators.

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    Health and Social Care Training – Ongoing  Standards Verification

    To maintain high standards of your health and social care procedures, along with your documented processes, we recommend an annual audit.

    Audits are carried out by our trained and qualified staff around the anniversary of your previous audit.

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