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With over 25 years of experience in health and safety, we help keep your staff safe and company protected.

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Health & Safety Consultancy Services

When you’re looking for a health and safety consultancy and advice that lines up with current legislation, you need the full range of services from a company you can trust.

Health & Safety Services

Health & Safety Consultants For Landlords

Landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that their properties comply with the latest safety regulations.

Health & Safety For Landlords

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Richard Ardis

Co-Founder & CSO

From day one, Paul wasn’t just an “outside consultant.” He integrated seamlessly into our team, taking the time to understand our unique operations and challenges. They became a familiar face, not just in the training room, but on the warehouse floor, with forklift drivers and chatting with pickers, all while subtly weaving safety awareness into every conversation.

Their expertise is undeniable. Thorough and compassionate. Engaging and interactive, even for our most jaded veterans. But what truly sets Paul apart is their human touch. They don’t just tick boxes; they genuinely care about our people and their well-being, even being part of our Christmas party.

Paul does more than just following protocol; he offers genuine empathy and support, calming the situation and building trust that resonates throughout our fulfilment centre. He’s helped us reduce incidents, boost morale, and create a culture where safety isn’t an afterthought, but a shared responsibility.

He’s a superhero in high-vis.

For experienced, dedicated health and safety support – 0333 444 0643

With over 25 years of experience in health and safety, we help keep your staff safe and company protected.

We offer you the comfort in knowing that your Health and Safety is managed and consolidated, with our accomplished consultants. Employers have a duty of care to ensure their staff go home without injury or ill health.

Our service is based on real people delivering a hands-on service at your premises. And because your Health & Safety Consultant gets to know about the way you operate and your strengths and weaknesses, it means we have the confidence to perform the role of your legally required Competent Person.

Sectors we Cover

Sectors we cover Health and Safety Landing 1

Civil Engineering

Sectors we cover Health and Safety Landing 2


Sectors we cover Health and Safety Landing 3

Doctors surgeries
Care Homes

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We help you safeguard:

  • Your buildings are COVID secure
  • Your policy, procedures and systems, ensuring 100% compliance
  • Your directors fulfilling their legal obligations to keep people safe
  • Ongoing compliance, by keeping you up to date with changes in the law
  • Risks, by having complete control of your priority risks

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    Maureen Richardson

    Regional Director, Operations

    I have known the Managing Director  for over 12 years where we worked together in a care organisation focussing on clients with learning disability, brain injury and high level risk management needs. There was a notable Person Centred focus on the way risk assessment and management plans were designed and delivered on. In terms of cost I would say that there is definitely value for money in what is offered. They are a very high quality, cost effective organisation that I use regularly for my health and safety needs in the workplace and have no hesitation in recommending PMAN Consulting to you.

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